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The requirement is the need to safely, rapidly, and effectively remove undesired heat away from body exteriors during special operations in hot and humid environments.
A large constraint to the problem, on top of the hot environment, is the wearing of heavy protective equipment. Other constraints and situations that inhibit the dissipation of thermal energy away from the body include: radiation from equipment, surfaces, and vehicles; likewise, heat trapped in vehicles, tents, and other poorly ventilated spaces.
The Heat Stress Prevention Kits are intended for use by United States Air Force Battlefield Airmen, which include: Combat Controllers (CCT), Pararescuemen (PJ), Tactical Air Control Party (TACP), Special Operations Weather Teams (SOWT), and Special Operations Aviators. The kit should be rapidly deployable, self contained, and portable for individual use or wear enabling rapid removal of heat. The Heat Stress Prevention Kit must consists of, but is not limited to, the following requirements:
Weight: < 4lbs (Threshold), < 2 lbs (Objective)
Note: The threshold and objective above are intended to be viewed as GOALS and not hard requirements.
Safe technology
-FDA approvable (or exempt)
-No adverse health effects
-No skin irritation/dermatitis
Minimal effect on range of motion (typical duties must still be performed by airmen) Localized only to desired parts of body/skin
Minimum maintenance, sustainment, and support
Prefer methods that do not require wet chemistry

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